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Spread the Word improves working conditions in supply chains worldwide, giving a jump-start to responsible business initiatives.

Spread the Word offers innovative simple solutions to solve complex problems and boost the impact of workplace programs.

Spread the Word uses creative methodologies to promote worker-management engagement and inspire action with measurable results.

Profitability increases by 10% when OSH regulations are enforced

Struggle with “chronic” blocked emergency doors and unlabeled chemicals

Workers produce 1 hour faster when they are respected and abuse worry-free

Training is not enough to eliminate the verbal and physical abuses

Financial investment and true commitment lead to positive change

Doubt your efforts will be sustained


Real change starts
when everybody
understands and

How We Work

Draw your Codes of Conduct, Rights & Responsibilities, Safety & Heath Regulations. Important messages need to be understood by everybody! Illustrate the most important concepts into flyers, brochures, and posters. They will become clear in all languages and for all cultures in the factory
A complete hands-on action by Spread the Word: 1)Identifying the problem and its root causes 2)Designing creative ideas to address the issues 3)Implementing small actions with workers’ participation 4)Monitoring and closing gaps 5)Proving that solutions are possible, reachable and teachable!
Even the driest topics can become dynamic and interactive using some technology. Explain concepts or gather information via cell phones, tablets or basic computers.
How can you scale up successful experiences without losing the enthusiasm of the first time? Photo-Stories and comics capture and retain that spirit, which can travel from one factory to another. Adding a bit of humor can go a long way!
Train your factory members on the most useful and fun technique that works on human energy and imagination. During in-factory trainings, you can learn, apply and teach others how to resolve complex problems with easy solutions. Simplify, imagine, create, enjoy!
You want people to get familiar with your Code of Conduct? Let them play with it! Puzzles are a powerful learning tool that force you to concentrate, focus and look for details. Transform your key messages into puzzles and watch the interaction...


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Ana Aslan - Spread the Word

Ana Aslan

Co-Founder & CEO

Ana has over 18 years’ experience improving working conditions while increasing productivity across supply chains. She managed more than 30 worker rights projects in 26 countries, overseeing the strategic use of approximately $200 million of funds from the ILO and the US Department of Labor. She is a member of the Better Work Advisory Committee, along with representatives from US and European apparel brands such as GAP, Levi’s, Target and H&M.

She is passionate about the apparel sector’s power to propel social development and workers’ wellbeing worldwide.

Ana was born and raised in Argentina and currently resides in Washington DC where she can frequently be found sipping coffee and reading newspapers in English and Spanish.8

Helena Perez - Spread the Word

Helena Perez

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Helena has contributed to creating better working environments for the past 19 years, as a labor lawyer for the ILO, the Fair Labor Association, and her own consultancy firm Improvingworklife. She has trained over 2,100 professionals from 190 organizations in more than 30 countries, including human resources professionals, CSR experts, labor inspectors and workers.

Her unique creative approach to finding solutions inspires labor practitioners, and led to the publication of her first book, Learning right: 222 small ideas for one big challenge A book for managers and trainers in global supply chains.

Helena lives in Madrid and loves to smile, doodle and being inspired by TEDtalks. She can find an interesting solution to almost any problem.


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